SCIRP (Open Access Journals)
Description SCIRP

SCIRP, one of the largest Open Access academic journal publishers, is currently publishing more than 220 journals in science, technology and medicine. On average, more than 50,000 articles are downloaded everyday from our website by scholars around the world. There are 82 journals at SCIRP that have been tracked for impact factors by Thomson Reuters (ISI). As of today, more than 17,000 articles have been published. Our OA journals have been indexed by 300 databases in the world.Some university libraries have collected our journals, for example, the following universities have included SCIRP journals in their libraries:
Indiana University, USA; the University of Michigan, USA; New York University, USA; Georgia State University, USA; National University of Singapore; City University of HongKong; San Jose State University, USA; Universidade de Coimbra Pólo II, Portugal; USAMV, Romania; etc..

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