International Journal of Web Information Systems

Metadata and ontologies

Web semantics architectures, applications and standards

Language and representation issues of Web semantics

Migrating existing information

Web mining

Web search and information extraction

Web structure/linkage mining

Applications of Web mining and searching

Web databases

Managing and storing XML data

Generation of XML data from legacy applications

Indexing and retrieval of XML data

Web data integration

Web schema management

Web media

Web design metrics

Web-based meta-computing

Communities on the Web

Formal reasoning about Web dynamics

Web-commerce and E-business

E-Business models and architectures

Agent technology for E-Commerce

E-Business application case studies

Workflow architectures in support of collaboration process

Establishment and coordination of virtual enterprises

Emerging interoperability standards

Internet quality of service

Internet traffic engineering

Mobile computing for the Internet

Performance of Web applications

Web-based education

Advanced Web applications

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