International Journal of Tourism Research

The International Journal of Tourism Research will promote and enhance research developments in the field of tourism. The journal will provide an international platform for debate and dissemination of research findings whilst also facilitating the discussion of new research areas and techniques. IJTR will continue to add a vibrant and exciting channel for those interested in tourism and hospitality research developments. This function will be further enhanced by the provision of regular, book, conference and web reviews in addition to research articles.

The scope of the journal is international and encompasses research into tourism aspects as well as the development of new research approaches. It will continue to include high quality research papers in any area of tourism, including reviews of literature in the field and empirical papers on tourism issues.

The website offers access to an archive with full-text articles. The archive is available from 1999 (volume 1) nr. 1 until now. But there is a 12 month delay on the full-text articles: Full text delay due to publisher restrictions ("embargo"). This means that full-text articles will only be made available a year after they were first published on paper.


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